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We specialise in assisting the creation of compelling women’s fiction by supporting new and existing authors with the digital typography and book layout and design requirements to publish and promote professional looking eBooks and print.

And we provide support to authors by regular commentary on developments, knowledge and learning for books and publishing through our creativepubtalk twitter and online book shopping news channels

Background? Creative Gateway is a family owned small business located in the beautiful Norfolk region of the UK, and run by husband and wife team, authors Roy Baldwin and Corri van de Stege. We link locally into the vibrant creative and cultural community of Norwich, now a UNESCO City of Literature. The region has excellent air, rail and transport links to London and Europe. Over the last ten years we have been leading innovators in the creative, cultural, science and technology sectors, working directly with businesses, government and universities. Consistently at the heart of our work is the digitisation of learning and knowledge, empowering everyone to improve their lives, expand horizons and take full control of personal and professional development. Digitising creative imagination into words and text by producing cutting edge fiction is a logical step to enhance and make sense of all life experiences. Our long term engagement at the forefront of e-learning, combined with a ubiquitous love of books, has given us the digital publishing expertise and writer understanding to provide a professional experience.

Women’s Fiction? Contemporary women’s fiction is a significant and growing literary genre. We work with and support writers and authors who want to create and publish informative and interest grabbing fictional content or memoirs around themes which have a woman as the epicentre of the story and at the core of the narrative in any sub-genre. The wide variety of literary and genre opportunities in women’s fiction provides a great creative landscape to develop compelling and intricate plots and characterisation which will tap into the hopes, fears and fantasies of women’s fiction readers everywhere. We especially enjoy adventure embellished with romance, suspense, politics, culture or history. Our own publications feature content which integrates and bridges these themes, to explain, entertain and inform, however controversial.

Women in Science - A New Sub-Genre? Within women’s fiction we have developed an additional sub-genre called SciRom, led and written by author and former scientist Roy Baldwin. Having a female scientist at the centre of the story, SciRom is a fantastic opportunity to explain and bring alive modern science and technology through compelling women’s issues, enmeshed in plots and themes with characters battling everyday relationship and job challenges. SciRom is intended to appeal to any reader who is either fascinated, perhaps disgruntled, maybe overawed or generally perplexed by everything going on in the world of science and technology, and where it may lead in the future. We support and encourage female scientists, engineers and technologists who want to try their hand at creating science themed women’s fiction and use their writing to encourage more women in becoming alert to and interested in science and technology generally and as a career.

Commentary by Creativepubtalk

We provide daily twitter updates, comments and digests on interesting developments and opportunities on writing, books and publishing to support independent writers and digital publishers