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Shop For Service Purchases

Buying Section for Self-Publishing Essentials

When you have decided the  service you wish to purchase, please click on the Order Form button below (or in the menu bar by hovering over Shop).

(i) Complete and send your order form first, describing your specific service, so we know your exact requirements, which will be acknowledged by email with an account contact point and any comments, clarifications and starting date for the work

(ii) Then pay for your service in this Buying Section of the Shop and we can get on with the work for you, communicating progress regularly by email

The Shop uses the secure PayPal processing system which will accept most currencies, and where you can make payment either from your own PayPal account or using a credit card. All pricing is in British pounds (GBP). To get a rough idea click in US Dollars or Euros but remember that PayPal’s currency conversion on purchase may not be exactly the same.

Clicking on any item will take you to the specific Service Page for full details from where you can place and pay for your order.

We have a special bundle deal on sale price, available from our online book store, where you only pay 50% upfront and the rest on satisfied completion. Click or tap BUNDLE PLEASE



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