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Submission Guidelines for women’s fiction writers who want their work considered for publishing

In this section we outline the process through which a submission must be made. We are highly selective about what we publish and cannot consider any printed proposals sent by post. We only consider proposals through email.

We will only publish fully completed and professionally edited women’s fiction or memoir manuscripts of any sub-genre and we will not proceed with any other type of fiction which we regret will have to be immediately rejected. We will also consider cultural and scientific non-fiction.

To submit a proposal, please follow and submit these two simple steps.

1. Your Manuscript summary:

To be emailed as a Microsoft Word file to a maximum of two sides of A4 in any standard 11 point  font and single spacing with the following sections completed in appropriate detail.

2. A 10% sample of your completed manuscript starting from the first chapter or prologue

This is the same sample process used by Amazon and other online book retailers which allow readers a dip into the contents before purchase. Take your sample to the end of the last chapter within the sample.

Novels should be between 50,000 and 100,000 words. Novellas between 30,000 and 50,000 words. Short story collections should be at least 20,000 words, with individual short stories between 2,000 and 5,000 words each. We don’t normally publish anything larger than 100,000 words for fiction but will do so if the quality of the manuscript justifies the size.

Your sample manuscript should be completed with a title page and chapters and professionally edited to the highest standards you can produce. Any samples which still require, in our opinion, extensive proof or copy editing will not be considered until that is completed by you. We can separately recommend an editing service if you wish.

Your sample file should be in Microsoft Word, with page sizes 20.3cm X 12.7cm (standard 8”X 5” book page size) in an 11 point  font and line spacing set at exactly 14 point with indented paragraphs at 0.5cm. Please don’t securitize or submit as read only as we need to then immediately draft format and convert for e-reading. If you already have a front book cover, send as a separate jpeg file image sized to 800 X 600 pixels and at least 96 dpi resolution.

Where to send?

For all emailed submissions please use: publish [at] creativegateway [dot] com

What happens next?

Manuscript samples will be dealt with and read by us as soon as possible on receipt. We will make our best endeavours to review your sample within 2 weeks of receiving it, depending on size, complexity and state of editing. If at any stage we don’t wish to proceed any further we will promptly let you know by email. Related files will be permanently deleted from our system.

We reserve the right to decide, with no explanation or justification, in accepting or rejecting proposals. Our website highlights examples of the books we publish as extracts and look-ins.

If we wish to proceed further we will get back to you with a request for a full manuscript to then be read by us and beta readers.

Our terms relating to royalties, publishing rights and payment timescales will be finalised on a one to one basis by agreement. If we publish your book there will be no upfront costs to you. Our intention, as a small independent publisher, is to keep the relationship simple, both legally and financially and creatively incentivised for authors. Our contract is specifically non-exclusive with no tie-ins apart from one month’s email notice either side, as our publishing mission is primarily to enable new women’s fiction writers to simply get their work off the ground, marketed and sold to readers and become known in their genre.

We are a digital publisher of both eBooks and print books where content is prepared electronically for the selling of both formats of books through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Nook, Kobo, Google Books and other agreed online retailers. Communications and progress will be by email and electronic exchange of files with authors, with use of Skype if required.

© Creative Gateway Ltd  2002 - 2015   All Rights Reserved   A company registered in England 4684823

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