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Welcome to Creative Gateway Books and Publishing

We are a small, UK based independent publisher and book creation services provider. We specialise in publishing contemporary women’s fiction, encompassing all genre and literary themes, and cultural and scientific non-fiction.

We digitally publish and provide:

What sort of books do we publish?

Writers shouldn’t be constrained by prescriptive rules and formulae. We encourage content which crosses genres and resists being overly defined and predictable. Books we publish simply have one common theme – a focus on a woman’s challenges and how she overcomes them. How that journey takes place is up to the imagination of the writer.

We have a particular interest in publishing books which showcase contemporary or historic science, art and technology as a fulfilling and stimulating endeavour for women, interlinked with the activities and challenges of a female focus, portrayed through entertaining characters and riveting stories.

What book services do we offer?

Many new and established authors are taking full control of their writing career and turning to digitally-led independent or self publishing as a vehicle to get their writing out without delay to readers, and at the same time use writer marketing platforms as a potential channel towards traditional publisher interest. Being hybrid published, where an author self-publishes and is traditionally published through an agent, is a sensible objective to aspire to in a digital age. In addition to rigorous editing, writers need a professional and appealing final product, which is what we do.

We provide independent book services to enable any writer to self-publish their work, with selective and competitively priced support in digital typography, layout & formatting, book cover design, writer platforms plus individual creative consultancy to help you quickly achieve your goal, a final, professional printed or digital book, ready for immediate marketing, retailing and selling.

Look for more under Services or go straight to the Shop and order and purchase today. We welcome all queries, work online and will communicate with and support any writer worldwide.

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